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June 2013
Volume 5, Issue 6

Skin Care Tools for Men…

He works hard…He plays hard…He deserves to be equipped with the right tools for building healthy, strong skin throughout his years…Let us take care of his skin!

Featured Products of the Month…

Step 1 for men - Cleanse   Step 2 for men - Nourish   Step 3 for men - Lock-in

Step #1:
Cleanse the Skin
Time = 60 Seconds

Dampen the skin. Pump out some Gel Lotion Cleanser into your hand, and apply it all over the face.

If you like to multi-task, you can wet-shave in the shower (add 
a little more time for shaving). Rinse with water.


Step #2:
Build the Skin
Time = 60 Seconds

Pat dry the skin and apply an even layer of Collagen Gel (younger skin) or Collagen Gel Plus (mature skin) 
all over the face, eye area, and neck. Wait for it to penetrate.

If it takes longer than a minute 
to do so, you used too much.


Step #3:
Protect the Skin
Time = 60 Seconds

Finish off with a moisturizer.

Lightweight: Hydra One Cream 
(oily-normal skin)

Heavy duty: Idratense Cream 
(mature or dry skin) 
to protect your skin.

In the next issue…
Summer Lovin’ Skin…