This short guide should be read thoroughly. It covers the essentials of the correct Clayton Shagal signature usage.

Failure to respect these few guidelines may result in the rejection of your designs during the approval process.

Graphic standards that must be followed

– Knowing which of the two signatures to use

– Signatures clearance

– How to apply the signatures on a background

– Choosing the right signature color to apply

– Standard colors

Knowing which of the signatures to use

The two signatures used for the visual identity of La Maison Clayton Shagal:


A good way to differentiate between the signatures is to understand that “La Maison Clayton Shagal” makes the “Clayton Shagal” skin care line.

Signatures clearance

A minimal clearance must be kept around the signatures.

Required clearance:


How to apply the signatures on a background

Our signatures must be placed on a uniform or very smooth background.


Choosing the right signature color to apply

You are provided with mutiple versions of our signatures for use on various background shades.
The below guidelines are suggestions. The ultimate goal is to choose the best signature so that every part of the signature is legible.


*We use grey as examples but it could be shades of any color.
Signatures are provided in PNG and EPS. PNG are for web or mutimedia. EPS are for professional print jobs.

Standards colors

Here are the various shades of grey used on the signatures. The exact color tones are provided.