For the Body…

Experience Clayton Shagal’s body care products in a professional treatment.

Mokaccino Mud Mask by Clayton Shagal…Zero calories. Zero guilt. 100% delicious enjoyment for your senses and your skin! This body mask treatment delivers pure indulgence for the body and skin in an unforgettable and guiltless chocolate-infused experience. Not only does the euphoric fragrance relieve stress, the powerful antioxidant properties protect the skin against harmful free radicals. This unique blend of chocolate and coffee re-energizes, stimulates, and tones the skin.

Jojoba & Loofah Exfoliating Body Gel is Clayton Shagal’s secret to a tonic silhouette and beautiful skin for the body…Begin your quest for a beautiful you from head to toe by energizing and cleansing the dry, rough, flaky skin on all your body parts. Our stimulating fusion of jojoba and loofah provides an effective, yet non-abrasive method for eliminating dull, dry skin at the start of all body treatments. Exfoliating dead skin cells regularly helps keep the skin blemish-free, soft, and smooth.

Grape Seed Gommage by Clayton Shagal, with its mixture of grape seed oil, oat bran, and essence of menthol, embodies the traditional gommage experience for the body. For centuries, gommage has been considered an effective method of skin exfoliation, leaving the skin thoroughly clean, radiant, and soft.  An excellent body treatment that buffs and polishes dry, rough, weathered skin to uncover visibly smoother skin.

Adipoderm Body Wrap Treatment is an invigorating treatment made from algae extracts and a handful of therapeutic essential oils. It encompasses your natural body heat to induce activation. By virtue of its composition, this body wrap is designed to re-energize lax tissues, stimulate cellular renewal, detoxify the body, and improve lymphatic circulation.