Mokaccino Mud Mask

Mokaccino Mud Mask

Pure indulgence for the body and skin in an unforgettable treatment…

Relax and experience the pleasure without the guilt…

Zero calories. Zero guilt.

100% deliciously enjoyable for your senses and your skin! Chocolate lovers can rejoice with our Mokaccino Mud Mask…An aromatic blend of cocoa and coffee in a rich, cream texture designed as an evocative experience for the ultimate in spa.


Chocolate for sensational skin…

The Aztecs and Mayans may have cultivated the cocoa tree over 3000 years ago for its healing and hydrating properties, La Maison Clayton Shagal took it further to deliver a unique blend of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and coffee bean butter in an exhilarating mask treatment for the face and body.

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Everyday the skin is exposed to free radicals caused by oxidative stress, pollution, and other environmental aggressors. Free radicals compromise the integrity of skin cells, leading to loss of elasticity, formation of wrinkles and pigmentation in the skin. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and their damaging effects to the skin.

One of the most profound sources of antioxidants is the cocoa bean. Flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants and naturally present in cocoa beans, offer many health benefits including protection against environmental aggressors that impact skin cells.

Chocolate is not only full of antioxidants and fatty acids, it also contains other compounds that stimulate the circulatory system, calm inflammation, brighten skin complexion, and soften the skin. To top it all off, the scent of chocolate can deliver an instant state of euphoria and stress relief.


Coffee to stimulate more than your senses…

Coffee, just like chocolate, is naturally enriched with antioxidants that work to preserve the integrity of youthful skin. Coffee Bean Butter is derived by a light hydrogenation process of cold pressed oil from roasted coffee beans with other vegetable oils. The abundance of polyphenol in coffee butter makes it excellent at sustaining moisture in the skin.

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Coffee also contains caffeine, which in skin care products stimulates the skin by constricting vascular circulation. The caffeine element tightens and tones the skin, thus firming the surface of the skin and reducing inflammation to deliver a more vibrant complexion.

Combined with cocoa butter in a rich, creamy texture, it energizes and revitalizes the skin. The glycerides in cocoa provide moisturization and encourage the detoxification of pores. For the face, discover clarity, tonicity, and radiance…For the body, invigorate and re-energize all the senses…

Benefits to the skin

Woman receiving chocolate treatment

  • Powerful antioxidant properties protect the skin against harmful free radicals
  • Brightens complexion and minimizes appearance of blemishes, even dark circles under the eyes
  • Caffeine element energizes, tightens, tones, and firms
  • Moisturizing effect softens and soothes the skin
  • Delivers luminous glowing, radiant skin