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Elastin Gel Plus

Unearth the natural complement to Collagen with Clayton Shagal’s Elastin… With its abilty to interweave with collagen fibers, elastin is crucial to binding moisture within the fabrics of the skin’s structure

Mature, dehydrated skin can restore the tightness and firmness of youthful skin with Clayton Shagal’s Elastin Gel Plus

    • Ideal for mature and dehydrated skin
    • Enhances moisturization and elasticity of the skin
    • Improves skin tone, firmness, and tightness
    • Combined with collagen, fortifies the skin
    • Improves skin turgescence
    • Excellent for calming and reducing redness.
    50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.
    • Alpha-Elastin – Firms and strengthens the skin’s elastic fibers
    After thoroughly cleansing the skin with a Clayton Shagal Cleanser…
    • Apply a small quantity of Elastin Gel Plus on face, eye contour and neck.
    • Apply evenly; without massaging into skin.
    • Let the gel penetrate thoroughly.
    • Make sure the gel penetrates within 60 seconds, to avoid excess.
    • After a few weeks, the gel will penetrate more slowly indicating that the skin is better nourished; at this point reduce the quantity applied.