Clayton Shagal's Hyprocel Gel
Skin Care Line / In-Depth Moisturizers

Prothy Gel

restore youthful-looking skin with a corrective gel designed to recharge skin cell regeneration to plump and firm mature and dehydrated skin.

…A light-weight gel that supports production of collagen and elastin proteins with quick absorption to be used under your favorite moisturizer.

    • Ideal for mature, dehydrated, or photo-damaged skin.
    • Reinforces the skin’s natural lipidic barriers.
    • Protects against the loss of skin moisturization.
    • Provides support for skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration.
    • Recalibrates cellular function of elastin and collagen fibrils from within.
    • Smoothes hard-to-treat areas such as eyes, neck, and mouth
    • Spectacular for deeply wrinkled skin parts
    • Helps skin stay plump with increased skin moisture
    • Diminishes appearance of fine lines around eye contours
    • Leaves skin feeling moisturized and softened
    • Soluble proteoglycan – stimulates regeneration of damaged skin cells
    • On cleansed skin, apply small quantity on face, eye contour and neck.
    • Apply evenly; do not massage in.
    • Let the gel penetrate thoroughly.
    • Make sure the gel penetrates within 60 seconds, to avoid excess.
    • After a few weeks, the gel will penetrate more slowly indicating that the skin is better nourished; at this point reduce the quantity applied.